Why Essentials From Erin?

My name is Erin and I am a cute girl who was diagnosed with ADHD. Guess what? I will still own my very own Art Studio one day. It all started when my mommy seen me make 4 layer rubber band stretch bracelets as well as alphabet bead bracelets on the couch without looking at any directions. I knew how to do the knotting and tying on my own without any help at all. I am also an artist and love bright colors. We figured since the type of jewelry I like mostly has bright colors and the fact that I’m an artist, that this would be the perfect business. 

I opened my business to inspire kids and adults with disorders that they too, can still achieve their goals in life. My jewelry is meant to serve as a reminder to the wearer to never give up in life no matter what. It took me 2 years to learn this but I finally got it. I want to remind you every day. You must purchase one of my essentials first. I want to be your positive example of hope and belief. 

My momma and daddy taught me to give back, they said “you have to put back what the universe has given, and you will gain more”. My mother and I volunteer and donate to several charities for children, including, Feed My Starving Children and Soup Mobile. I also donate a portion of my earnings to school aged children like me, to help with food, shelter,clothes, and school supplies.

A few benefits:

I offer secure payment options, as well as, a twenty-four (24) hour turn around correspondence.

I provide real (actual) photos for each of my essentials so that you now exactly what your paying for.

I carry a wide variety of jewelry that is high grade and high vibration.

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"The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever tried. "Meaning/Explanation - No one can become a master without first failing numbers of times. Most of people never succeed because they don't try enough times to become successful.

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My parents have always told me “I can’t hold water,” so I will tell you a secret. My name is Erin, I am 8 years old, and I am currently in the third grade. I have a lot of energy, so much so, the doctor told me I have “ADHD” in case you don’t know, that means I am super hyper. I told him “that was the truth, I am a hyper talented child, I like moving, and doing things.” I love being creative, I love art, cooking, cleaning, making my bed, I believe in following rules at school, I love getting good grades, and making my parents proud.

I have learned at a very young age how to preserver, my teachers love me, at school and day care. They say “I am such a good student (sometimes), a sweet student, I smile a lot and I always clean up my mess ( most of the time)”. I love creating and selecting “purty” jewelry, necklaces that shine, earrings that dingle, bracelets that sparkle and a whole lot of other stuff. Every day after supper, bath, homework, and“sugah” time with my parents, I begin to search and create.

I also love drawing pictures, I post them all over the wall in the house. I don’t think there is any more room on the walls left, but I will continue to draw anyway. One of my drawings was recognized when I was in the 2nd grade, it was displayed in a local art gallery near my home. Yup lil oleme, and I taught myself, too.

I love doing it by myself, I love choosing all types of accessories for woman, men, boys and girls to wear. Until then, I want to make you smile. I want you to wear my jewelry I choose for you!” I need your help and support to achieve my goal and also to continue to inspire others


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